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On Point Specialized Services provides sewer and drain cleaning solutions to commercial and domestic property owners…

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So why call us? We clear blockages using specialised hydro jetting equipment.

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What We Do

Sewer and drain cleaning is a specialised service requiring specific tools, equipment and skill sets. A blocked drain does not always entail digging up your lawn or garden to have repairs to pipes carried out. In fact with the right equipment, blocked pipes can be quickly rectified in a cost effective manner, ultimately saving you time and money.

So why call us? We clear blockages using specialised hydro jetting equipment.

This is a highly effective method of clearing all types of blockages including:

- Tree root intrusion

- Grease, soap and scum build up

- Silt and dirt

- Encrustation.

This process is non invasive, non destructive and environmentally friendly using only high pressure water and specialised jetting nozzles. The blockage is cleared, the walls of the pipes are scrubbed clean and the offending debris is flushed out, restoring back to full, free flowing capacity. The results are then captured and made available to our customer with a copy of the recorded inspection footage from our high resolution diagnostic Closed-Circuit television (CCTV) drain camera. We use only the latest industry leading technology and drain cleaning equipment and  our hydro jetting machine is a multi purpose unit, with its ability to produce up to 5000psi of water pressure, it can easily be utilised for any type of general high pressure cleaning application. By swapping out a jetting nozzle and connecting a pressure lance it easily converts to the ideal surface cleaning, pressure washing machine.

Perfect for:

- Driveway rejuvenation

- Car parks

- Graffiti removal etc.

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