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On Point Specialized Services provide expert drain unblocking for commercial and domestic property owners. We are experts at diagnosing and solving the problems associated with blocked storm water drains and sewers.



The sound of gurgling water in the pipes


Occasional unpleasant and unwanted odours inside your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.


Excess water to cause flooding to lawns, gardens, garages and outdoor living areas.

The inconvenience caused by a blocked pipes usually means sinks, baths, showers and toilets are draining very slowly, or not draining at all.

In addition to that, blocked storm water drains are not able to effectively transfer rain water from roof gutters and storm water drainage pits into local council discharge drains.

At On Point Specialized Services, we are drainage specialists. We’re equipped with the necessary tools, skills and specialised equipment required to solve the problems associated with these stressful situations. We unblock drains using specialised high pressure water jetting equipment.

how Hydro jetting works to unblock drains

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“Hydro Jetting” is the process that we use to safely and effectively clear drain blockages and obstructions. Our high pressure water jetter is an essential part of the drain clearing process which is why we have it on board for every job we are called out to.

A specialised jetting head is connected to the end of the jetting hose before it is entered into the drain. The jetting head has strategically placed jets that are positioned to clear out blockages as well as scrub clean the whole diameter of the the pipe restoring drains back to full, free flowing capacity.




Hydro jetting is safe, environmentally friendly and most importantly cost effective. Ultimately saving you time and money.


Uses only high pressure water this also ensures no damage to pipes as there are no mechanical cables involved and no chemicals.


Hydro jetting is used to unblock sewer and storm water drains.

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