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Drains, sinks and toilet backed up but you don’t know why? Use our FAQs to diagnose your drain and storm water problem and contact us for a solution.

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There are a lot of maintenance tasks you can tackle yourself around the home. Unblocking drains is
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What is causing my drains to become blocked?

There are a number of different reasons why drains become blocked:

1. Tree roots searching for water enter where the pipes join. Over time ground movement causes the joints to displace and roots infiltrate. They flourish inside the drain which interrupts the flow of water.

2. Silt & soil builds up over time entering from roof gutters, down pipes, pits and grates.

3. Oil and fat from kitchen waste solidify and form solid obstructions in sink drains.

4. Bathroom and shower drains can become blocked with soap scum and a build up of hair.

Do all drains discharge at the same location?

No. Storm water and waste water are totally separate. The storm water will discharge into the storm water barrel drain which is owned and maintained by the relevant shire. Waste water from your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilet discharges into the sewer reticulation system or septic tank. This asset is owned by the relevant water authority.

What are the signs of a waste water drain blockage?

You will notice that the water drains much slower from the sink, bath, shower, or laundry tub. The toilet may fill up when flushed and the water level may take longer than usual to subside. You may also hear a strange gurgling sound as the water tries to pass the obstruction. You may even notice an unwanted odour and waste water over flowing outside at the over flow relief gully

What are the signs of a storm water blockage in roof gutters and downpipes?

Unfortunately in most cases blocked storm water drains aren’t noticed until the rain comes down. It then becomes obvious when drainage pits fill up and over flow.

What can I do to help maintain the function of my drainage and avoid the headache and costs associated with having blocked drains rectified?

There are some things we can do to maintain the health of our drains. Its a great idea to routinely have a CCTV drain inspection carried out. Preventative maintenance is always better and cheaper than dealing with neglected drains that are in bad health. Routinely cleaning out our roof gutters stops excess dirt, leaves and debris finding its way into the storm water system. Avoiding pouring oil down kitchen sinks reduces the likelihood of fat and grease forming blockages in wastewater drains.

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