Drain Camera Inspections Melbourne

A drain camera inspection is the process of inspecting the internal structure and integrity of a drain pipe. Specialised CCTV inspection camera equipment is designed to enter sewer and storm water drains and capture high resolution footage and images of the operational condition of the pipe



Get a visual on the problem


Navigate the pipe to find the problem


Pinpoint the exact location of a drain blockage

With a CCTV Drain inspection, we can diagnose common blocked drain problems associated with sewer and storm water drainage pipes such as tree root intrusion. Tree roots go in search of water in the ground, and a nearby drain is the perfect environment for tree roots to infiltrate at a displaced joint, or a break or defect in the pipe. A CCTV Drain inspection can find the exact location of the problem.

Finding the drain blockage


Once inside the drain, tree roots can flourish, eventually restricting the flow of water, causing a drain blockage. Older sewer and storm water drain pipes can become defective and develop cracks, breaks and displaced joints from ground movement over time which can become bigger problems if not accurately detected and resolved.

Pinpointing the location


A sonde transmitter located in the CCTV camera head enables us to pinpoint the exact location of a blockage, obstruction, damaged or defective section of pipe, location of a septic tank or any other point of interest within a drain pipe during an inspection. The sonde sends a signal to our locating device from above the ground and gives us the ability to accurately trace and map the locations, path and depth of sewer and storm water drains without any digging required. Inspection footage can be recorded onto a USB stick and results made available to our customer as required.



Cost-effective locating of the problem


Non-invasive - avoid unneccesary excavation


Keep your yard intact by excavating in the exact spot needed, avoiding costly new landscaping

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